Our story

The story of the place …

The story begins on ‘’Sandului Hill’’ as peasants from the village elders tell; precisely here , in the place where is located Mosorel traditional house, once, long ago, it was a hilltop, a rock where young people used to gather.

About 13-14 years ago, it was the idea Mosorel grandfather build house in a place so special and loved.

House named ‘’Mosorel’’ - comes from the spool sewing machine , so was nick named Grandpa, recognized as the best tailor in the whole area.

A house in the village, but with all contemporary fitings , radiators allways warm winter , rooms with private bathrooms and balconies overlooking the mountains.

Furnishing of the rooms is made of natural fir wood and was handmade by artisans family.

Sit in a corner an old pail painted; a rustik bench, cousin of the white house walls, the silence of the evening , a playful fire outside , make you feel …. at home.

Here you can feel, you can live the traditional life style of mountain peasants.

Weary after a long day at scythe , farmers take their animals home, in the streets echoing chimes evening.

Early in the morning Grandma indulge in a deicious breakfast: a cup of hot fresh milk, toast on the stove , grased with butter churn and forest honey flavored….

Experience the ancient beauties that you can live in the present , it is the biggest gift we can offer you.